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Snow Kittens: We currently have no snow kittens. Next litters arriving Spring 2022

Thank you for considering a Traipse Bengal.   We are proud of the fact that we have produced/shown some of the TOP TICA and CFA Snow Bengals in the WORLD!  (Big Mac for 2014/15, Honey 2015/16, Comet 2018/19 and Mini Mac 2018/2019) 

Whether you have come to this page because you are a Breeder looking to expand your program or a Pet Client that only wants the best -   You've come to a great place.

All of the kittens that are in this section come from Top Show Cat lines and/or have traits (at this time in their life) that are exceptional enough that I see something special in them.    They may be good Breeders or they may make great/good show cats.   I'll do my best to express my thoughts on the individual kittens.      Please keep in mind that this is just my opinion -    I am fairly picky on what I like and can tell you that most every cat that I believe to be a Show Quality Cat gets a Champion title at the least....   Beauty is still in the eye of the beholder and most judges don't agree most of the time on the best kittens and cats.      Some of my Pet Kittens have gone on to have decent show careers!

Please click on the drop down menu to look at the Best Kittens that I'm raising here and willing to let go to the right client and home.       Also -  Please let me know if you don't see the exact kitten you are interested in -   They may be growing up here and not old enough to make it to the website or I may have a kitten that I've been holding back to evaluate for keeping in my program/showing.      Many times the Best of the Best are not put up on the website.

​I am very interested in working with breeders or clients that would like to show their kittens/cats in areas outside of mine -   I want to give some of my BEST CATS to people like you so that I can continue to build my reputation as a quality bengal breeder.
I ship anywhere a plane will fly Bengals to legally.      I like to work with new breeders and established breeders and have a wonderfully diverse group of genetics here and can often help in putting together a few high quality cats for new breeding programs.     I am licensed by the USDA to be able to fly/ship pet kittens within the US.   I am licensed with USFW for international export.    I have happy clients and Bengals all over the world without incident.     I am a TICA "Outstanding Breeder" and a TIBCS "Breeder of Distinction" making you secure in the knowledge that you will be treated well and honestly.
Contracts are always done before any funds change hands!

Photos shared from a Client with a kitten from one of our favorite Pairs - Zaz and Big Mac Kitten:  Luna and

Baby: Clarke!   

You can see why ;)

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