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SNOW SHOW NEWS - 2016/2017

TRAIPSE Mari Macadamia      aka:  "Mari Mac"

SGC SBT 061716 014

Sire:  RW SGC Big Mac    

Dam:  RW QGC Borealis


I've waited for over a year for this girl and her sister to come to us here at Traipse.   Both are little mini "Big Macs"!      I was pleased to show Mari Mac at 6 months old in Sacramento 01/17 where she was the best bengal kitten on Friday night.

She is a show stopper -  Gorgeous pelt, high contrast, stunning rosette markings, super sweet personality, great body length - Fabulous head for a Mink with those big eyes of her mother!

Mari did well in Portland while going against the current best kittens showing on the west coast who is also a Mink but  still -  She was placed higher than this boy in 3 rings and even got a final.    This is saying a lot as the other Mink got BOB and Finaled probably 8 times!


TRAIPSE was stung by Honey Bee

SGC SBT 010815 024

Sire:  Big Mac     Dam:  Zaz


I've tried for years to get a great female from Sno Expo and Frou Frou (like Big Mac) but she just wouldn't come....    I kept having an unusual amount of Males!      Alas -   Big Mac was able to give me the girl I was looking for with his first litter!~!      YAY!


This is the beginning of the offspring from Big Mac.    I'm thrilled with the consistency of quality that his is producing!


Honey is now a SUPREME GRAND CHAMPION in only 5 shows!!!    Way to go girlfriend :)      (It's so much harder for girls to show!)





SGC Traipse Salt N Pepper

Supremed in June 2016

SBT 080515 027


"Best Kitten Eyes" - Breeders Choice at On Safari 2016 in Spokane, WA!!!   Also -  Finaled in all THREE RINGS :)

Pepper is a stunning girl and I believe that she is better than her mother - Borealis.     Now that Borealis and Morpheus are not part of my breeding program, this girl is one of the most imporaant cats that I've ever bred.

Pepper is growing up into a STUNNING young lady!    If you could feel her coat, you'd have an experience in softness that only Morpheus can give a cat!    Her large nocturnal eyes, rounded top of head (amazing for a Lynx Point), medium rounded ears and super sweet temperament all go a long way in the show hall for this beauty.


Pepper has acheived her Supreme Grand Champion title -  THANKS to Elaine Weitz who gave her the final "Best Cat" in 2016.



QGC TRAIPSE Celestial Comet of Bengalivo

Supreme Grand Champion 2016!

Sire:  Sno Explorer    Dam:  Truffle


This boy is just amazing!!    7 finals against 27 other bengals (53 AB Cats) at his first show as an adult!!     5 finals were part of main show and two of them were in the Bengal Congress (one of these was a BEST CAT!!!)   This is a huge tribute to Ivonne who's doing such a great job keeping him in top show shape :)    September 2015.

Most recently in Jan 2017, he went to the UK show and received Best of Breed 5 times!    This is great considering the #1 Bengal kitten is now an Adult and was at this show -     Thanks Ivonne for continuing to show him -  he's ranked at 27th Best Bengal so far this year (as of Jan 2017)

This is just the start of his show career -   We hope that he can do much much more this year!   Congratulations!

QGC TRAIPSE All Eyes on Me of Bengalivo   "Mistral"

SBT 020716 020

Sire:  RW SGC Big Mac   

Dam:  CH Zaz

This boy is just spectacular -   Ivonne is busy showing him around Europe and he just won "Best Over All" in his class!  (6 - 10 mo)

This is going to be fun boy to watch develop and I may get the chance to see him again in person at a Netherlands show in October :)     It will be fun to see how much he is like his father - Big Mac!

Mistral is now a TICA Champion at his first show!  YAY :)

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