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Now that you are considering a Bengal for a pet, consider what it will be like living an adventure with a kitten/cat that has approx. 3.3% wild blood.....     Since the difference in DNA between the Humans and Chimpanzees are only 1.2%, a Bengal is still a wonderfully different Cat with a few wild tendencies.  Now consider what it would be like if that same percentage of wild blood has been further selectively bred for Personality, Temperament, Pattern, Health, Contrast, Color along with all of the other amazing traits the Bengal Standard sets for the breed.     
I believe that you'll appreciate having a kitten/cat who is happier being inside a home and not constantly striving to be outdoors.    They are easier to manage, handle, train and make for better indoor pets.

My pet Bengals are all bred from Championship lines and many are close relations to my show cats/kittens!      In many cases, they would even been strong show cats if it weren't for their close relative that I'm already showing.      In other cases, they are examples of extremely wonderful personalities but with traits that in a show hall would keep them from competing strongly.    Many pet owners would not see the differences :)

Please use the "Best Kittens" page to scroll over the kitten pictures to see who's available.    Click on the kitten and you will go to their individual webpage.     You can also navigate by using the drop down menu.    Please keep in mind that many of my pet kittens are sold either before they are old enough to get on the website or they are selected by my wait-list clients who are looking for something very specific in their new pet or waiting for the right timing.     In any case, I'm happy to introduce you to my adults and help you learn about their traits so that you can put your own list of wishes together for your perfect companion -   what's available here are not your only options

Let me know if you are interested in particular traits that you don't see on the site -  they may be born and growing up here at Traipse already!  
Thank you for considering a Traipse Bengal!   


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