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SNOW SHOW NEWS - 2019/2020

20191013_143535 (2).jpg



Seal Sepia Rosetted

GC Title on 2-1-20

Coco is the best Sepia that I've ever seen -  at least at the young age of 5 months.   She has managed to combine a stunning pattern with extreme contrast  and claritly.   This, together with the tight, super soft and luxurious pelt -  (Just like her mother Esme and grandfather Morpheus :) makes her really something special.  This girl reminds me of Big Mac (her grandfather :)

She is showing as a kitten currently and is doing great work showing CFA judges and exhibitors that you truly can combine high contrast and clarity together with Shorter rounded ears, larger eyes.   She also has a great head/body & structure.  She really is amazing!

February 1st she was able to acheive her Grand Champion title while being in Marilee Griswold's ring :)    What a wonderful coincidence since she was the judge who gave her a BEST KITTEN at the largest cat show in the world!!



Kitten Coco at CIS Cleveland, OH 101319.

Coco was 12th best Kitten at the CIS show 10/19 (Out of 132 Kittens!) -  She even received a BEST KITTEN from Marilee Griswold!     (Best Bengal Kitten in Teal Show -  Indy tied for Best Bengal Kitten in Purple show :)


COMET -  TICA Best Bengal Alter & "Lifetime Achievement" for 2019!    .

Traipse Celestial Comet is just amazing -  He lives in the Netherlands with Ivonne van Dreumel at Bengalivo.    She has had him since he was a kitten and showed him all over Europe -  He has acheived more titles than most any other Snow I've created here at Traipse!   Congrats to Ivonne at Bengalivo in the Netherdlands for showing him to this title and keeping him in amazing show condition!   He now has "Lifetime Achievement" award!


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