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QGC Traipse Clouded Cocoa Dexter 
SBT  011412 009
Quadruple Grand Champion
Best Seal/Snow Mink Bengal in the
NW Region -  2013

QGC Dexter 

Heart Scan (HCM) Normal 2/14



It's hard to decide where to start describing his amazing traits!     Is coat is so luxuriously soft (like his mother - Truffle) that's it's "wow'd" more than a few judges.     He has wonderful contrast, a shorter (Truely medium length) thick tail, and the most incredible eyes that you may ever see in a Snow Mink Male!      His head and profile are just what the standard calls for and doesn't have the long "Siamese" look that many Snow/Seal bengals get.


This boy is now a Quadruple Grand Champion and has already received two "Best Cats" (out of all the breeds) from different judges in different states!    

Dexter tops off all these physical traits with a personality that's simply amazing!!!!   He's an incredibly sweet and affectionate boy :)


Dexter has been a Stud Cat here for over a year so it will take some behavior changes to become a great house pet.....      I recommend taking him home around the middle of August so that most of his testosterone leaves his body -  After this, we need to remove him from the cattery so that the final stages of behavior change can be worked out.    


Genetic Test Results

Color:  Seal Mink (Cs/Cb)

PK Def:   N/N

Pattern:  Carries the Marble allele (TaM/Tab)

Agouti:  Ad/Ad

Dilute:  D/D (Does Not Carry for Blue)

Long Hair:  L/L (Does Not Carry for Long Hair)

HCM Scan -  Normal - February, 2014

Pictures & Pedigree of Dexter below:
Pictures of Dexter's Kittens (the Snows) below:​
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