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Divasden Cloud Walker of Traipse     SBT 080408 020

Walker is just one cool cat.....

He is Mr. Popularity here with everyone that comes out the cattery as he insists on being pet and that attention is given.     He is an incredibly personable boy :)

Walker has Aqua eyes (most Snow Minks do) although they lean towards the blue side of coloring.    He has an incredibly soft coat that has a undercoat to it giving it some of the extreme softness that you feel when you pet him.     This is not a usual trait for a Bengal but I like it for the Snows since we are, after all, trying to replicate an animal that lives in Snow Country where undercoats are common.

Walker is the sire of Dexter (Quadruple Grand Champion)

Walker is a:    Seal/Snow Mink Spotted Male Bengal

                      (1 Lynx Point and 1 Sepia Color Chromosome)





Heart Scan (HCM) Equivocal - 10/11,

Heart Scan (HCM) stabilized - 7/12

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