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SNOW SHOW NEWS - 2014/2015

May 2014 - April 2015 is our Best TICA Year Yet!


Big Mac made his Supreme Grand Champion title in only 32 days!   Wow :)     He finished as the 8th best bengal and 1st best Snow WORLDWIDE this year!    Wow :)

Please see our main website "Show News" section for the story on our Brown Show cats like Crash (2nd Best Bengal Kitten as of 9/14), Trinity, and Sesame.....     This page on this website is a subset of Traipse Bengals and only focuses on the Snows or Snow Carriers that will contribute to the Traipse Snow Program.

January, 2015 Big Mac attended the Portland Cat show and was the 2nd Best Bengal out of 25 cats shown!!!     He did better than cats that are even higher in the rankings than he is :)


Note:  Many of these pictures have links to their websites/webpages -  just click the photo


Supreme Grand Champion 09/14!!


I had high hopes for this boy  "Big Mac" -   His spot size and shape reminds us all of Macadamia nuts!     Such perfect circles everywhere and NO Rib barring!!     Pattern, Contrast and Tight pelt....   all combined with a really nice head shape, profile and structure!


Big Mac proved my suspicions correct -  He went on to be the 3rd best Bengal kitten so far this year and then Supremed in only 32 days!!!   He's currently the 5th Best Bengal Adult in TICA (as of 9/14) and even won a cat show "Specators Choice" award in Victoria, BC.     During his Calgary show, he won 16 Finals -  6 of these were "Best Cats"!


Big Mac does carry for Dilute and Long Hair -   He's what I call a "RECESSIVE JACKPOT" because he can breed Browns, LP's, Minks, Sepias, Silvers, Blues and then Long Haired in any of these colors!    Only if I want to (Because I test the females and choose who to breed with him)      Talk about diversity!     It's easy to stay away from recessives but nice to have them if you ever want to go in that direction -     Now that we have all the current tests available -  Recessives are no longer forever.




Trinity carries "Seal Lynx Point" color!     She has an incredible tight pelt with stunning contrast and vibrant coloring.


She is just starting her show career and at her first show as an adult (8 month old) she even got a "BEST SH CAT!"    Wow -  Way to go Trinity!  


Currently 2nd Best Bengal Kitten in TICA!!!   (as of 9/14)


Just look at the head profile!!!    Rounded all the way from the tip of the nose to the back of the head.    Small, rounded ears, Huge breadth of Nose and big nocternal eyes.    This boy is so much like his father -   Junglekatz Chunky Moto!


Thanks to Chris and Gary at Speakeasy for showing our boy....   He was even impressive to the judges there and received many finals including a BEST KITTEN!!!   at the ANNUAL!!!


Crash will continue to show in the northeast and as a co-owned Bengal, he will eventually come here for future pairings with many of my girls!!   :)




Just a bit smaller ear size made Vouvray the easier choice for finals as she competed against her sister Borealis.


Now a SUPREME, I am holding her from shows so that Borealis and other Traipse Cats can shine...



The Sisters


Quadruple Grand Champion - 03/14


The BEST Lynx Point Bengal I've ever met!  No "pointing", incredible pattern/contrast, super thick tail, nice head shape and profile and a girl that is a noodle in your arms.

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