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Traipse Coco Noir "COCO"
Regional Winner and Grand Champion - 4/2020
Snow/Seal Sepia Rosetted Bengal
Grand Champion on 2-1-20!


Coco reminds me so much of her grandfather Big Mac that she has stolen my heart.   I just love the extremely high contrast with such incredibly clear background combined with the (very hard to get) shorter ear, big eye and nearly straight profile.   She's the best Sepia that I've produced here and I couldn't be more proud of the way she is turning out!!

Coco is winning the hearts of many judges who are just now seeing a Sepia Rosetted Bengal -  Many for the first time.   Marilee Griswold gave her a BEST KITTEN out of the 120+ kittens at the largest cat show in the World!  




Sire:   Mimosa Midnight "DRAGOS"

 Dam:  CH Traipse Ineffable Ms. Esmerelda "ESME"  

  (Click photos for parent pages/photos/pedigrees)


Genetic Information on Chocolate for Bengal Breeders:

Snow/Colorpoint:   cb/cb

Agouti:   Ad/Ad - by Parentage (No Charcoal)

Pattern:   unknown

Dilute:   D/D -  No Dilute (her sister carries)

Long Hair:  N/N

PK Def:  N/N by parentage

PRA B:  N/K - Carries for PRAB - She will never be placed with a male who also carries for this disease.  We can guarantee that she will never produce this disease in a Traipse Bengal.

Generations from earliest Wild ALC ancestor:  11

20191013_143535 (2).jpg
Coco is 11th Best Kitten NW 2020 (2).JPG
Pictures, Pedigree and Health Documents for Coco below:
Awards and Ribbons for Coco below as she became a CFA Grand Champion!  (extremely hard for a Female) :
Past Coco kittens below (coming Spring 2020):
Pictures of Coco as a kitten:
Coco's DNA Screening by Optimal Selection.  Only carries for PRA-B.  Easily avoided by never breeding her to another carrier.   Clear of all other 40+ diseases.
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