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Traipse Skadi
Seal Lynx Point Rosetted
DOB:  6-15-19


Skadi was named after the Norweigan goddess of skiing :)    I thought it was a wonderful name for her as I was returning from Oslo :)

Skadi is a Lynx Point Rosetted Female -   This variation of "Snow Bengals" occurs when we have 2 of the recessive color point alleles that are "Lynx Point" and means that she got allele from each parent.   Lynx Point snows have much less in contrast than the other snows but LP's also come with 2 rings of Blue for their eye color.     The lynx point gene (From the Siamese cat) is a partial albinism gene that 



Sire:   Mimosa Midnight of Traipse "DRAGOS"

 Dam:  Traipse through Clover "CLOVER" 


Genetic Information for Bengal Breeders:

Snow/Colorpoint:  cs/cs by expression & Parentage

Agouti:  Ad/a by Parentage

Marble: TaM/TaM - Does not carry marble

Dilute:   Dam carries Dilute, sire does not

Long Hair:  N/N by Parentage

PK Def:   N/N by Parentage

PRA B:  N/N by Parentage

Generation from Earliest Wild/ALC Ancestor:   11  

  (Click photos for parent pages/photos/pedigrees)


Pictures, Pedigree for Skadi below:
Past Skadi kittens below  (coming approx. Spring 2021) :
Pictures of Skadi as a kitten:
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