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SNOW SHOW NEWS - 2018/2019

COMET -  TICA Best Bengal Alter & "Lifetime Achievement" for 2019!    .

Traipse Celestial Comet is just amazing -  He lives in the Netherlands with Ivonne van Dreumel at Bengalivo.    She has had him since he was a kitten and showed him all over Europe -  He has acheived more titles than most any other Snow I've created here at Traipse!   Congrats to Ivonne and Comet for getting high titles for 3 years giving him a "Lifetime Achievement" award!



HONEY - CH in CFA and a RW SGC in TICA

Honey is almost 4 years old now but I took her to a CFA Show to get her Champion title and to show an older Snow/Seal Mink to the judges at the Longview show.    She has one of the best coats in the world! 


CHAMPAGNE (CHAMMIE) received her CFA Championship in Maryland - August 2018

Chammie competed against both Stache and Sky at this show and while she didn't do better than these two amazing bengals, she still received her Championship.  Yay for Chammie!   The best thing that this incredibly contrasted Lynx Point did for the year is give birth and raise to amazing "keepers" for me -   Both Forge and Flame came from the combination of Stache and Chammie :) 


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