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RW SGC Traipse Mondo Macadamia
SBT 121113 021 -  Snow/Seal Mink Spotted
Supreme Grand Champion - Sept 2014
2014-2015 BEST MINK BENGAL - Worldwide!
6th Best Bengal Kitten for 2014/2015
8th Best Bengal Adult for 2014/2015
BEST BENGAL ADULT at ON SAFARI!  (Breeders Choice)
4th Best Cat - On Safari 2016
Best Adult Snow Bengal - On Safari 2016
Best Adult Purrsonality - On Safari 2016
Supremed in 32 days!!!
6 Best Cats and 16 Finals at Calgary 9/14


Another amazing cat from my Supreme Grand Champion "Sno Explorer"!    At his first adult show, he won 7 finals (1 best cat and 2 -2nd best cats) and within 32 days became our youngest Supreme Grand Champion ever!!


Big Mac is the best Snow Boy that I've had here at Traipse.    His coloring, pattern, clarity and contrast is stunning.   He has a short tight coat that I've heard judges comment on frequently.    Boning and structure is also amazing as he doesn't have the flat spots that are often associated with the Siamese cat (and in a lot of the Snow bengals) and gently curves up over his forehead and all the way through his back skull.     


I'm am constantly hearing from judges that we are losing the stunning pelts that they first saw in this breed.    This boy has the incredibly tight, soft, luxurious pelt that comes from many of the ALC's used to create this breed.

I've never had more breeders and show patrons admire a cat of mine -  This boy is truely a "Show Stopper!"

Unfortunately, Big Mac passed away from Dry FIP on 1/9/18 at only 4 years old.    He was my favorite bengal "ever" as you can see in the video compilation footage on youtube.    FIP is an awful disease that affects about 2% of the cat population and always leads to death.    The one piece of good news is that a trial for new medication for curing FIP has been given cats and at a minimum, the older, dry form Cats looks to have worked!    We may have a cure on the horizon!    The medicine is now going before the FDA and then to a lab for creation and distribution -    Hopefully within 2 years it could be widely available!   THANKS to the WINN Feline Foundation for funding this trial (and so many prior to this one), Dr. Pederson at UC Davis and all the others for donating time and funds for a cure!   While Big Mac missed this trial by just 4 - 6 months :(    To see the webpage speaking about this, please go to the website below.    For any donations, please click on the Icon to the Right to take you to the Winn website:    


Here is some important genetic information for Big Mac:

Sire:   RW SGC Simplyblessed Sno Explorer of Traipse

Dam: CH Traipse Frou Frou



PK Def:   N/N - by Parentage

HCM Scans:      Dam -  Normal on 2/14

                           Sire -  Normal on 3/13 and 01/12

Snow:   Cs/Cb (Tested as a mink)

Agouti:   Ad/Ad (only domestic Agouti)

Pattern:   Most likely a Marble Carrier - Test inconclusive

Dilute:   D/d    (Carries for Dilute)

Long Hair:   N/N - No long hair -  This is a perfect example of testing flaws that can happen.   We thought he was a carrier of M4 longhair until 2017 when we did a 2nd test for the allele and found out the first test was incorrect.    He does not carry for Cashmere/Longhair and we had since retired his sire who did!

Sire:  RW SGC Sno Explorer


Heart Scan (HCM) Normal - 3/2015

We call these Big Mac Attacks!!


(Click photos for parent pages/photos/pedigrees)


Dam:  Frou Frou     


Please consider contributions to the Winn Foundation.   They are funding much research into a cure for FIP!


Pictures & Pedigree of Big Mac below:
Pictures of Ribbons and Awards for BIg Mac:
Kitten/Baby Pics of Big Mac - See how he grew into the amazing cat he is!:
Pictures of Big Macs "Snow" Kittens below:
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