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Metastar Cashmere Cherub of Traipse
SBT 031113 046   
Snow/Seal Mink - Cashmere Bengal   



Cherub came to us from Helen at Metastar Bengals on the east coast....   THANK YOU!!!      She is a wonderful example of a "Cashmere Bengal" which is the Long-Haired Bengal.  Cherub has an incredible length of body, great strength and solid boning/structure!    She's 14 pounds of beauty making her our largest bengal at the cattery (including the boys!)
She is already creating some beautiful longhaired/Cashmere Bengals and I am excited to see what's next!
In January 2017, Wendy Symes and I presented to the TICA Board of Directors "Long-haired Bengals" which had just recently been voted for acceptance by the Bengal Group of over 1200 members.   Cherub was shown off to this group as one of the examples of excellence that we are striving for!  Great News  - We are now officially going to be allowed to show along with the shorthairs!   I believe that this will help to keep the Bengal "type" strong because it will need to judged along with all of the TICA breeds.   It will be stronger because of this.
This could not have been accomplished without all of the work done by Wendy Symmes and Helen Mitchell -   What AMAZING ladies they are!

Basic Genetic Information on Cherub (for Bengal Breeders):

PK Def:   N/K - Optimal Selection (Stanford tested N/N)

Colorpoint (Snow):  cs/cb  - She is a Seal (Snow) Mink

Agouti:   Ad/Ad

Marble:  Tab/Tab - Is a Marble

Dilute:   D/D - Does not carry Dilute/Blue

Long Hair:  M4/M4

PRA B: N/N  -  She is not a carrier

Generation from Earliest Wild Ancestor:  9

NOTE -  As of 7-20-18, Cherub had a full genetic test done by Optimal Selection which tests for over 40 diseases and various other traits.   Please see her results at the bottom of this page -  She tested to carry only 1 of the 40+ diseases that we can breed around by choosing the best partner for her.


Pictures & Pedigree for Cherub below:
Pictures of Cherub's "Snow" Kittens below:
DNA Screening for Cherub - Optimal Selection 07-20-18
DNA Screening for Cherub - Optimal Selection 07-20-18
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