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 DOB:  2-29-20

Kodiak was just too good to pass up :)   In his very early days, he had amazing color and contrast and a very sweet disposition.    He also got his sire's shorter ears (for a Bengal).     As I write this at 6.5 months of age, I can't beleive that he's still a kitten!!    He is one dense/solidly built kitten that I've seen.    You have to pick him up to understand :)    His head shape is also phenominal!

He still has a way to go before he'll be able to breed (usually around 9 months old) but we already are expecting some amazing kittens from this boy!    I mostly excited about all the unique colors he can produce :)



Genetic information for Bengal Breeders:


PRA B:  N/N by Parentage

PK Def:   N/N - by Parentage     

Colorpoint:   cs/cs - Snow/Seal Lynx Point (Colorpoint)

Agouti: Ad/a - Carries Non-Agouti for charcoals and melanistic Bengals.

Pattern:  TaM/Tab -  Carries for Marble   

Dilute:  Dam Carries, Sire does not

Long Hair:   N/N by Parentage

Generations away from earliest ALC:  11




Sire:  Midnight Mimosa of Traipse "DRAGOS"


Dam: CH - Traipse Champagne "CHAMMIE"

(Click photos for links to go to their parent webpages)


What does Kodiak's color genetics mean for his kittens?

1. He is a Snow/Seal Lynx Point Spotted Bengal

    He can make:

     a.  Snow/Seal Lynx Point Spotted Bengals

     b.  Snow/Seal Mink Spotted Bengals

     c.  Brown (Black) Bengals (includes brown/red/gold  color tones when bred with a Brown Female).


2. Non-agouti carrier Bengal  

    He can make:

     a.  Solid/Melanistic/Non-Agouti Bengals

        i.    Black (like a Black Jaguar)

        ii.   Snow/Seal Lynx Point "solid" (whiter version of Dragos with baby blue eyes)

        iii.   Snow/Seal Mink "solid" - Just like his sire Dragos.

3.  Charcoal Bengals

        i.  Midnight Charcoal Bengals - Gray/Black

        ii.  Snow Charcoal Bengals in either Lynx Point or Mink color variations.


Pictures & Pedigree for Kodiak below:
Pictures of Ribbons and Awards for Kodiak Bear:

Kodiak Bear was born 2-29-20.   Right at the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic in the US.   So, while a few cat shows went ahead elsewhere in the US, the NW cancelled all of its shows until its safe to go to our "new normal".   No one can say yet when this will happen.

Pictures of Kodiak Bears "Snow" Kittens below (Expected Spring 2021):
Kodiak Bear as a Kitten!:
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