CH Traipse Glacier Blue
SBT 051715 013
Snow/Seal Lynx Point Spotted
TICA Champion - September 2016


Championed his first day at the show!





This boy is simply amazing!    He was sold at only a few weeks old to a breeder in CA due to his incredible contrast/pattern/coat together with coming from two Supreme Grand Champion (and Regional Winners) as parents.

Glacier has come back so that I could take him into our Vet Cardiologist - Dr. Woodflied.    His report is:  Equivocal HCM and Grade 3 (out of 6) for a Heart Murmur.    This was his first Heart Scan done on 10/10/16 and a good example of why many of us have HCM Scans done at one year of age and/or before breeding.   This is the main reason for his early retirement and my choice to not use him as a Stud.  He will be tested again in 9 months (7/17) to see if this issue progresses into full "Positive HCM".   He has no outward signs of any illness and this heart issue was simply caught by the CA Breeder who took him in for an annual wellness vet visit where they found the murmur.    He will be supplemented with Taurine and we will be kept informed of his health as the years go by.

This may the the FIRST HCM Positive Cat that Traipse has ever bred and I've been doing this for 8 years!    We will know more when we measure Glaciers heart wall thickness again in 7/17.   It's not certain that it's Positive HCM, but there are signs indicating that he is moving in this direction.   This is an awful disease and researchers have been trying to locate genetic connections with the hope that DNA Test options will be available soon.   Until then, we will probably never be able to completely get rid of the disease as recessive genes can hide for an unlimited number of generations.   In the case of HCM For bengals, it's suspected that there are going to be multiple genes required to create the disease and there seems to be no relation to the HCM Genes that have been identified in Ragdolls and Maine Coons.   Thoughtful breeding and HCM Heart Scans are required by all of us breeders to help continue to limit the number of HCM affected cats that are born/affected. 


Here is some important genetic information for Glacier:

   PK Def:   N/N - by Parentage

   Snow:   Cs/Cs

   Agouti:   Ad/Ad (only domestic Agouti)

   Pattern:   Most likely a Marble Carrier 

   Dilute:   D/D - No Dilute/Blue

   Long Hair:   N/N - No Longhair/Cashmere







Sire:  RW SGC Morpheus     Dam: RW SGC Vouvray    (Click photos for parent pages/photos/pedigrees)


Heart Scan (HCM):  October 2016

"Equivocal" for HCM and Grade 3 Heart Murmur (out of 6) - report in slideshow below

A link to the HCM Clinic for  Bengals available at:

Dr. Kate Meurs is the leading authority on this disease and leading the research in Bengals.    Glaciers Blood sample will be given to them in order to help further this research.

Another informative interview given here from a different Veterinarian that specializes in Cardiology.

It's important to note that according to Dr. Woodfield (my local vet cardiologist) has told very few cats actually pass away from HCM in spite of a positive diagnosis.     Traipse will continue to contribute to research, use selective breeding practices and Heart EKG scans in order to help us have as many healthy cats and kittens as humanly possible given the limitations of this disease.

NOTE:   Breeders -  Please be careful how you use, discuss and share this information.   Many breeders choose not to acknowledge when they have a positive HCM affected cat and this is not good for everyone else working with the anscestors of that cat.   Let's face it -   There were some really popular cats a while back and a very high percentage of breeders have HCM positive cats back in their lineage.    This is appropriate because as you can see in Dr. Meurs presentation that simply culling out cats with any relatives/connections to HCM Cats in not recommended!    I believe that information is power and that with full disclosure, we can create stronger breeding programs and healthier cats if we know what's going on with cats that have shared genetic ancestry.

UPDATE:  3/13/19 -  Pet clients who have Glacier have not followed up with the Vet Cardiologist for a 2nd heart screening and are not in compliance with their agreement after multiple attempts to reach them.  In the meantime, Glacier has one reported kitten who has passed from a heart issue (enlarged in ultrasound scan) and could be related to HCM - January 2019 :(

Pictures, Pedigree and HCM Scan for Glacier below:
Pictures of Ribbons and Awards for Glacier:
Kitten/Baby Pics of Glacier - See how he grew into the amazing cat he is!:

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