Silvers are our newest color trait here at Traipse Bengals :)
We brought in a RW QGC from Europe  (Glaze) who has the most stunning contrast, pattern and boy that I've seen in a Silver.....    He's given us "Film Noir" who will start having kittens in 2018 - Hopefully.
I'm classifying Silvers by placing them in my Snow website because Snow Leopards in the wild are actually "Silvers"!     So -  It seems that they belong best to this group of coloring even though they are not considered "Snow Bengals".

AVAILABLE Silver Kittens:

Mouse over the pics to see names - Click on pics to go to their webpages 


Our next litter of Silvers could come from Film Noir (Now at my friends cattery to breed to her Silver Stud as of 8/18/18)  If you would like to mark your place in line for one of Film's Silver kittens, please email me and I can send you a waitlist agreement -  A $400 deposit is required (non-refundable).


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