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Dadaelis Juneau of Traipse    
SBT 030210 056      DOB:  3-2-10
Pet Price:  $200




Juneau is just a Sweetheart!!!    He is a large boy, weighing in at 14 lbs.    He's built like a linebacker -     His neck is so muscular that it's very hard to scruff.
Juneau is an amazing cat and will make a wonderful housepet!!     His full brother is a Supreme Grand Champion living in Texas so he's also a really good example of a quality Snow Bengal.
Neutered on 11/21/13, I recommend that we wait 3 - 4 weeks to allow for his testosterone to leave his system....     He will need to be watched after this in a smaller space in your home to ensure that he doesn't spray.      He would work well in a home where he might be able to have access to a safe outdoor environment in case the spraying doesn't completely go away. 
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