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Traipse Borealis Legacie
Snow/Seal Mink Spotted Bengal
SBT 061617 045


Elsie (like her litter mate - Mari Mac) is our last Snow Female from my first favorite snow queen here -  Borealis.    She is also the daughter of Big Mac -  our favorite Snow boy here!  

It's been great to watch her develop into the lovely young lady that she currently is right now....     Her rosette pattern is so much like her sires that it's pure joy to touch, feel and see!




Sire:   RW SGC Big Mac

 Dam:  RW QGC Borealis  

  (Click photos for parent pages/photos/pedigrees)


Genetic Information on Legacie for Bengal Breeders:

PK Def:   N/N -  Normal, doesn't carry like Dam did!

Colorpoint/Snow:   cs/cb expressed

Agouti:   Ad/Ad - by Parentage (No Charcoal)

Pattern:   TaM/TaM -  Spot only!

Dilute:   D/D -  No Dilute (her sister carries)

Long Hair:  N/N

PRA B:  N/N by parentage

Generations from earliest Wild ALC ancestor:  8

Pictures & Pedigree for Elsie below:
Past Elsie kittens below  (Coming Spring/Summer 2018):
Pictures of Elsie as a kitten:
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