Traipse Green Eyed Monster
Seal/Snow Lynx Point Rosetted Female 
DOB: 1-13-20
Gemma was named after the color of her eyes.   While most Lynx Point Bengals have circles of Blue for their eye color, Gemma has a green tint to one of hers making her incredibly unusual and beautiful!
This girl is build solidly and even at 4 months, you can feel the weight to her body.   She is also one of the last kittens from Zaz as she's headed towards retirement.   Her pattern and contrast is simply amazing and I hope that she'll be as good of a breeder for us as her mother is!
Professional photos are going to be delayed due to Covid 19 and the cancellation of all Cat shows.

Sire: Mimosa Midnight of Traipse "DRAGOS"    


 Dam:  CH - Traipse Zaz has our Hearts "ZAZ"

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Genetic Information for Bengal Breeders:
Colorpoint:  cs/cs by expression
PK Def:  N/N by Parentage
Marble: Both Parents Carry
Agouti:  Ad/Ad (by parentage)
Dilute:  D/D - Does not carry dilute
Long Hair:  N/N by Parentage
PRA B: Dam Carries, Sire does not
HCM:  Dam Scanned Normal 3/2015 and 7/2015.  Sire scanned Normal 2/2018
# Generations from closest ALC:  9
Pictures and Pedigree for Gemma:
Past Kittens for Gemma (hopefully around Winter 2020/2021:
Gemma as a kitten (previously known as Powder as she was born during a snow storm :)

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