Cranberries and Baloo Kittens - ZE pedigree template
Cranberries and Baloo Kittens - ZE pedigree template

Backside of the Traipse Picture Pedigree



   Sire: "Baloo Bear"

  Dam: Cranberries

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Seal/Snow Mink Spotted Female
DOB:  10-22-18
Ready to go home: Approx. 12/31/18
Pet Price:  $ 3,400
US Breeder Price:  +$ 3,000
Int'l Breeder Price:  +$ 2,500
This is a repeat litter from Cranberries and Baloo and there are 2 Snows in this litters -  both females!
LOL has one of the most beautiful patterns on a Snow that I've seen -  Amazing contrast and a clear coat is developing.    She is also the sweetest kittens of the 2 snows and loves to cuddle and to be held



Colorpoint:  Cs/Cb by parentage

PK Def:  Only sire Carries

Marble:  Only Sire Carries

Agouti:  Ad/Ad -  Domestic Agouti only

Dilute:  D/d by Parentage

Long Hair:  Probably Not

Bengal PRA:  Sire carries, Dam does not

# Generations from closest wild ancestor:  10


Note:  Genetic test results are not guaranteed.   Having additional tests done through a separate lab (VGL) is recommended if any of these traits are extremely important to your selection -  most are available for $40 - $60.    Please choose tests early in their age as I can not promise to hold a kitten for you.