LaGallerie Blanca Mocha of Traipse
Seal/Snow Mink Marbled Female
TICA:  SBT 031918 045

Blanca Mocha came out of a SGC and IW from Sharron Henderson in TX.   This sire is an amazing Sepia Snow Bengal (also a marble) and his head shape/profile was probably my favorite part of him.  I saw him many times throughout the season he showed and definitely hoped to get a kitten out of him for my own Snow program someday -   Well, I was at the TICA Annual in Birmingham, Alabama in 9/18 when I met this girl as Sharron was showing her there and just had to get her!   

Thanks Sharron for letting me get this girl!



Genetic Information on Blanca for Breeders:

PK Def:   N/N - by Parentage

Snow:   Cs/Cb  

Agouti:   Ad/Ad (only domestic Agouti)

Pattern:  Tab/Tab - Is a Marble

Dilute:   D/D (no Dilute)

Long Hair:  N/N

PRA Bengal:   N/N 

Generation from earliest wild Ancestor:  Unknown but probably 10+ generations.

NOTE -  As of 9-6-18, Blanca had a full genetic test done by Optimal Selection which tests for over 40 diseases and various other genetic traits.   Please see her results at the bottom of this page -  She tested to carry (or have) NONE of the 40+ diseases.

Sire:  LA/IW SGC Lagallerie Mocha Fudge Ripple


Dam:  Ohmy Ripple Royale of Lagallerie (No Photo Available)


(Click photos for parent pages at Sharron's website where Blanca was born)


Pictures & Pedigree for Blanca below:
Blanca's Kittens  (Coming 2019):
Blanca as a Kitten! -  Pictures below:
DNA Screening by Optimal Selection - 9-6-18 for Blanca.  CLEAR for all 40+ tested diseases.

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